About Us

Overall Mission

Latina Republic empowers Immigrants in the United States and advances Social Justice in Latin America. We value our regional ties and shared histories. We seek to become impactful change-agents for Immigrant families in the United States and build bridges with our neighbors to the South.

Latina Republic is a 501(C)3 California-based nonprofit organization with a dual mission, internationally, we partner with NGOs in Latin America, domestically we empower the immigrant community through bilingual immigrant integration curricula, family stabilization, parent education workshops, and responsible fatherhood programming.

The domestic mission is delivered through two key programs: 

  1. Immigration Writers Internships 
  2. Family Empowerment 

The first program is carried out through Immigration Writer Internships. Latina Republic offers competitive nationwide internships to university students and alumni who join our mission as contributors to our ethnic press. Our immigration writers engage in research and conduct interviews to shed light on nationwide nonprofit efforts to improve the immigrant experience in the United States, and analyze immigrant legislation affecting immigrant lives.

Immigration Writers

Immigration writers deepen the understanding of how immigrants are changing the United States. Through interviews, research and reports they raise awareness of immigrant contributions to the United States. Their assignments may include news analysis, investigative projects, explanatory pieces, and original interviews. They write about DACA and TPS. The also explore education and health in connection to immigrant communities in the U.S.

Our immigration writers have a passion, interest and seek to expand their knowledge of issues related to Immigrant Life in the United States, specifically about the unique and common challenges that immigrants face in this country in the East Coast, South, Midwest, and West Coast. As an immigration writer for Latina Republic you will delve into immigration policy, explain the debates at the federal level, and engage with the main organizations that advocate for immigrants in the United States.

Our immigration writers find underreported and original stories of everyday Latinx in the United States. Writing about current immigration legislation and policy is important, but we are also interested in compelling stories of immigrant resilience, contribution, and heart. We believe that reporting on problems is crucial, of course—but that impact is magnified if alongside the problems, we report on how people are solving them. These stories can change the tone of public discourse, making it less divisive and more constructive. We want to contribute a new narrative of Latinx in the United States, one that highlights contributions, inspires a reduction of prejudice, and integrates solutions into the immigration debate.

The second domestic program is delivered through Family Stabilization Curricula, including, Responsible Fatherhood programming based on the National Fatherhood Initiative. The family empowerment workshops include parent education, communication, anger and conflict resolution, career advancement strategies, reentry information to empower adults to pursue education, including adult school, vocational training, community college, and immigrant integration resources. The trainings built for virtual and in person delivery are evidence-based, and produced by family resource specialists, and the Executive Director. Delivery of all training is carried out virtually and in-person (pending COVID19 guidelines) through allyships with community partners who are passionate about families, immigration and service.

Our international mission is implemented through 2 key programs:

  1. Latin American Correspondent Internships
  2. Alliance and grant agreement with selected Latin American NGOs.

Through our ethnic press, Latin American Correspondents bring to light the daily experiences of living in Latin America with the goal of destroying stereotypes and building alliances with our neighbors to the south. 

The international mission is also carried out through international alliances and grant agreements. We partner with NGOs to advance their missions and support their efforts to sustain and affect positive change. 

Latin American Correspondents

This internship is especially beneficial to students considering careers in international relations, journalism, oral history, nonprofit leadership and advocacy, international development and for students conducting capstones, masters’ thesis, in-depth studies into socio, economic, gender, food access, education, human rights, environmental challenges affecting Latin America. 

Through 1-1 mentorship with Dr. Quartucci students access local primary sources, connect with and interview NGOs, leaders and people who work every day to address social problems in the region.

To celebrate Latin America, we do more than report on problems. We believe that advocacy journalism can be impactful when alongside the problems, we report on how people are solving them. This internship plants seeds of human rights consciousness, develops interviewing, writing and reporting skills along with a deep understanding of local development efforts to contribute a new narrative of Latin America. 

Through our allies in Latin America we seek to highlight contributions, heritage, history, leadership and innovation and report on stories that  integrate local strategies to the betterment of the region. We seek to form friendships, allyships and accompany our regional friends as they confront community challenges.


We Empower, Educate, Partner and Inspire.

We seek to become impactful change-agents for Immigrant families in the United States, and build bridges with our neighbors to the South.


Juntos Somos Mas Efectivos – Together We are More Effective